Welcome to Dansk Psykologhus

In 2013 Dansk Erhvervspsykologi A/S and Dansk Krisekorps A/S established the first of several clinics, or as we have termed them, psychologist houses. Today, we have houses in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and branches in Lyngby, Nyborg and Assens.

Our purpose is to strengthen, develop and communicate the psychology that, both ethically and professionally, supports the people and organisations that require our help.

Dansk Psykologhus is designed for and targeted:      

Psychologists who collaborate in a healthy dynamic, where everyone has a shared responsibility, can develop and strengthen their speciality, while they continuously become better and more efficient psychologists.

As a corporation, Dansk Psykologhus has chosen to consist exclusively of psychologists with many years of experience within clinical, pedagogical, crisis psychological and organisational fields. Each psychologist is specialised within one or more of these areas, and can thereby provide competent assistance for both public and private sectors. The psychologist’s experience and skills in psychological counselling, therapy, and coaching apply to both private individuals as well as employees, managers and their organisation.

The psychologists collaborate with Dansk Krisekorps A/S when solving emergency tasks and providing psychological counselling and with Dansk Erhvervspsykologi A/S concerning leadership development, supervision, as well as prevention, identification and treatment of stress.

Psychologist Houses

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